Directed Activity

Dream Interview

There are so many amazing people in the world: celebrities, political figures, activists. Whether they are influential to a lot of people or just a few, there are hundreds of people who have made some sort of impact on people’s lives.

If I had to pick someone out of these to interview, though, it would be Bo Burnham. He’s a 26-year-old American comedian that started his career on YouTube, and continued to spiral into success with three major comedy shows. ‘Words Words Words’ was the first, that aired on Comedy Central, then there was ‘What.’, and more recently ‘Make Happy’.

My sense of humour greatly leans towards ‘sarcastic and downright rude’, so his comedy shows are right up my alley. He combines music, poetry, and stand up to create one of the most entertaining spectacles I’ve seen in my admittedly limited lifetime. He even has a poetry book, which is something.

There’s a select group of people that question the ideals of modern poetry. There’s a constant debate of what is art and what isn’t, what counts as creative integrity and what doesn’t. Bo, to be frank, sticks a middle finger up to tall that. He doesn’t care about ideals or structure or what people think should be written. He writes what he wants to write. Whether it’s funny, or rude, or deep, Bo writes it because he wants to. Sometimes it produces pieces of comedy gold like ‘I F**k Sl*ts’, if you want to check that out on YouTube.

Not only would it be incredible to see what goes on inside his head through an interview, he also seems like he’d be a good guy to hang out with. None of this pressure to be sophisticated if, I don’t know, you wanted to interview a member of the royal family or a politician. Those guys are interesting, but do we really care what they think about?

Plus the fact that Bo Burnham’s latest show, ‘Make Happy’, makes me a little worried for his mental state… Is he okay? Could I ask him? He lets his audience into his psyche to a point that we become concerned about him, even though a lot of what he says is a joke. It is aligned with the millennial ‘I want to die’ humour, where we talk about wanting death or to suffer as a joke, which usually makes other people concerned about us. Phrases like ‘kill me’ or ‘end my suffering’ are usual, but Bo takes it to another level. Is he joking? How can we be sure?

His shows ‘What.’ and ‘Make Happy’ are available on Netflix, and you can find ‘Words Words Words’ on iTunes.


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