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How Has Blogging Changed Journalism?

I would sound scarily like wedding vows if I say it’s for better and for worse, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Online blogging has created so many opportunities, and opened so many doors for Journalism. It’s more easily accessible, for starters. People can find news far easier than they could before. More opinions are available, and people who usually wouldn’t be able to have their opinions heard (like me) can now let everyone know what they think.

News used to be very limited. You could only produce news if you have a press, or if you had access to information, and money. Now, though, everything has changed. Want to put some news up? Great, do it. Want to read some news? Just google it.

Of course, one downside of all this is that print media is dying out. What used to be the only way to access news, is now becoming, pardon the pun, old news. You could argue that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Media outlets die out, it happens. You don’t see people carving into walls what people need to know. There are no more carrier pigeons to deliver news. What we have no is, objectively, better.

Another problem is that a lot of information is now grabbed off the wire. Only a select few, very high budget, news outlets are able to travel to places where the news is and get it first hand. Then the rest simply take whatever information they gather and make it into their own news. This system of filtration can mean chaos if the information collected in the first place was biased, or downright wrong.

Imagine if there was a burning building. One man goes to see what is going on, because he has a car. Then he tells his friends about it, maybe not remembering all the details right, or not having enough time or space to say them. Then his friends tell their friends, experiencing the same issue. It goes on and on like a mad game of Chinese whispers, and in the end, are the stories produced what really happened? Or are they just versions of the events? The only way to possibly tell is to investigate the source and, again, only the high budget news outlets have the capability to do so.

Having the internet and blogging can be great for people who don’t have the same access to news as some others may have, but it also makes us question the accuracy of news in the first place. With so many versions of the truth out there, it’s hard to know which side to take.

I’m going to be optimistic for once and say that over all, blogging has had a positive effect on journalism. The little guy finally has a say.


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