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‘We’re All in This Together’

One topic in the world that I don’t think is talked about enough isn’t political, it isn’t radical, and it isn’t something that I will go on a┬áheated┬árant about. But, it’s something that I enjoy discussing. Group dynamics in TV, films, and books. One thing that attracts me to a piece of media above all… Continue reading ‘We’re All in This Together’

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How Has Blogging Changed Journalism?

I would sound scarily like wedding vows if I say it’s for better and for worse, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Online blogging has created so many opportunities, and opened so many doors for Journalism. It’s more easily accessible, for starters. People can find news far easier than they could before.… Continue reading How Has Blogging Changed Journalism?

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‘What Insipid Angle Can We Take on This?’

Newspapers and magazines always have different perspectives on things, like what is important or how to interpret a story. Seeing all the newspaper headlines compiled together on the BBC website makes these different angles even clearer. Some papers prioritise shock stories. The Daily Mirror wrote about a story of paedophilia in football. Typically, newspapers take… Continue reading ‘What Insipid Angle Can We Take on This?’